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Construction Leadership Council

CLClogo_web2About the Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was established to fulfill the need to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry as well as the association both at the local and national levels.

The purpose of the CLC is to act as a conduit for participants to network, exchange ideas about work and the industry, and gain continuing education which includes both professional development and leadership skills.

Activities of the CLC:

  • To be an open forum to exchange ideas
  • To be an entry vehicle into AGC to promote new member involvement
  • To foster a strong network among peers
  • To create a foundation for future development of the industry
  • To discuss the most important issues and provide feedback to AGC leadership
  • To provide leadership skills
  • To provide a mentoring program with established officers and committee members
  • To structure AGC and the construction industry for the future
  • To network with similar organizations in the industry

What do participants say about their experiences in the CLC?

“The CLC has been very beneficial in the growth of my construction career. By being involved in this organization, I’ve learned the aspects of management and leadership first hand.”
“I cannot put a value on the amount of knowledge and experience I’ve gained by being involved in the CLC. I started out as an ex-officio board member for the AGC Tri-Counties District and became the Vice-Chair in 2009 and will become the Chair in 2010. I know I wouldn’t have been ready had it not been for my involvement in the CLC.”
“I've developed lots of friendships as well as learned a lot of aspects of construction and management due to the seminars and educational opportunities provided by the CLC”
“The CLC is not just a group that get’s together to socialize. They provide education and networking opportunities most middle managers look for and need.”
“If you want your middle managers to become upper management, I recommend having them involved in the CLC because they provide insight for the transition by having individuals involved that have gone through or is going through the same experiences.”

What do you get when you join the CLC?

Membership in the CLC is a win-win-win situation. AGC of California wins by being able to fulfill its mission of assisting and educating its members to the max. CLC member companies are the biggest winners of all. CLC committee membership is free per company, they get to assign as many of their employees as they wish to participate at the low cost CLC events and training. One important key to surviving in today’s economic climate is having a well educated staff that is confident that the company they work for cares about them. Knowledge is power – strength, ability, and potential.

Get Involved

If you would like more information or would like to join the CLC please contact Amanda Taylor at taylorad@agc-ca.org.

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