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A Message to AGC of California Members

A Message to AGC of California Members from our CEO

We’re operating in unprecedented times. You don’t need another email or social media post to tell you that (although, if you’re like me, you’ve received plenty over the past two weeks). Instead, I’d like to highlight the first priority on our jobsites: Safety. Our industry has built a culture around the health and safety of our employees. Our goal is for every employee to return home safely to their family every night. The work we do is complex and challenging, but necessary for our society to function. Without a healthy and safe workforce, our work cannot be done.
Our Safety and Health Council, comprised of safety experts across our industry, has been convening regularly to review and distribute COVID-19 safety protocols, share best practices for implementing social distancing and other necessary precautions and procedures on job sites, and provide AGC staff with information and resources to share with our members. You can find that information here on our resource page updated regularly.
Advocating for construction’s continued classification as an essential service isn’t a decision we take lightly. It comes from consultation with members from our Board of Directors, our Safety and Health Council, and individuals like you. That decision also comes with the knowledge that keeping employees and job sites safe is paramount during this time of crisis and as we move forward. 
We believe construction is vital to the success of California—in good times and in crisis. During the Camp Fire, you moved debris to allow firefighters safer access to the front lines. After the Northridge Earthquake, you cleared rubble to help paramedics rescue survivors. And now, as we face a global pandemic, the industry is responding. You’re ensuring roads and bridges are safe for first responders to reach people in need, or simply make it to their next shift. You’re performing vital construction and improvements on hospitals, utilities, and grocery stores to equip our state now and for the future. You’re ensuring airport runways and facilities are maintained as members of the California National Guard are deployed to help underserved communities across the state. The work you do is vital, which is why safety for employees is paramount.
AGC of California is committed to our members and we’re proud of how our industry has stepped up, as Governor Newsom would say, “to meet this moment.” Please know your AGC staff is working around the clock to do what we can to support your teams. You will continue to receive regular updates to help you navigate this new, albeit temporary, normal. We will alert you of major and urgent impacts on the industry. And as always, we will be here to help support what you do best: build California.