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Joint Engineering Board of Directors

Joint Engineering Board of Directors 

Christopher M. Hickey - Chair
William P. Young Construction, Inc.

Curtis Weltz - Vice Chair
FCI Constructors, Inc.

Jaimie Angus 
Griffith Company Los Angeles District

Brad Cooke 
G. B. Cooke, Inc.

Kurt Cutler 
Southern California Grading, Inc.

Gerry DiIoli 
Herzog Contracting Corp.

Jerome DiPadova 

Fred Dohle 
J.F. Shea Construction Company, Inc.

John Douglas 
Granite Construction Company Southern California Branch

Randy Douglas 
Tierra Contracting, Inc.

Stuart Duncan 
Warren Duncan Contracting & Equipment Rentals

Catherine J. Escobar 
Escobar & Escobar Concrete Construction

Blaise Fettig 
Vortex Marine Construction, Inc.

Ernest L. Ford 
Union Engineering Company, Inc

Miguel Galarza 
Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction, Inc.

Philip George 
Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates, Inc.

Vince Gutierrez 
Penhall Company

Walt Johnson 
K. G. Walters Construction Co. Inc.

John Kliese 
Marina Landscape, Inc.

Clint Larison 
Reyes Construction, Inc.

Christopher V. Larsen 
C. V. Larsen Co. Engineering Contractors

Stephen Matich 
Matich Corporation

Dan McGrewGriffith Company

John S. Meek 
John S. Meek Company, Inc.

Peter Mendoza 
MBE Electric Inc.

Joe Morello 
Penhall Company Northern Contracts Division

Ruric Nye 
Nye & Nelson, Inc.

Richard Piombo 
Ford Construction Company, Inc.

Cary Purves 
Ortiz Enterprises, Inc.

Gregory Reed 
International Surfacing Systems

Mike Roddy 
Washington Division of URS Corporation

Michael A. Silva 
Mitchell Engineering

John D. Sloan 
American Paving Co.

Mark Stacy
Teichert Construction Woodland District

Brian Stopper
R & L Brosamer, Inc.

Matt Teixeira 
Lyles Mechanical Co.

Verner E. Thomas
Vance Corporation

Richard Tirrell 
GCI Construction, Inc.

James Troup 
Monterey Mechanical Co.

Rick Viefhaus 
Penhall Company Inland Empire

Chris Villa 
Kiewit Pacific Co. Northern California Division

Mitch White 
Manson Construction

Sam Hassoun - Staff 
AGC of California

Joint Engineering Division Contact 

John Cooper 
Director, Jt. Engineering Division
916.371.2422 / 916.371.2352