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PROP 65 - Safe Harbor Warning Signs 
AGC has available "safe harbor" warning signs that can be posted outdoors as well as stickers (5" x 7") for posting on your equipment. If you do not already have warnings posted on your jobsites, then order signs today!
18" x 24" Warning sign -- printed on durable metal:
Order No. IPSH - A
Members: $82.00 each / Non-Members: $164.00 each
8.5" x 11" Warning sign -- printed on durable metal:
Order No. IPSH - B
Members: $22.00 each / Non-Members: $44.00 each
5" x 7" Warning sign -- vinyl equipment stickers:
Order No. IPSH - C / Minimum order 10 stickers
Members: $2.00 each / Non-Members: $4.00 each

AGC Safety Manual. Safety and Health Program Development Manual for California Contractors 
AGC offers "solutions" to make your safety program work with this easy-to-use comprehensive guide for California contractors. Six complete programs that will immediately go to work for your company: Injury and Illness Prevention Program / Hazard Communication Program / Emergency Action Plan / Fire Protection Plan / Respiratory Protection Program / Confined Space Program. Includes CD with complete plans and programs in Word. Updated 2008. 
Order No. IPSH-1
Members: $150.00 / Non-Members: $225.00

Safety & Health Council Member Portfolio
Black vinyl with gold embossing. Holds legal size pad. Zipper.
Order No. IPSH-4
Members Only: $22.00

Heat Illness Prevention Compliance Program
Cal/OSHA requires that you have a heat illness prevention program. AGC has developed a compliance program to help you easily and quickly come into compliance. The prevention program is in an easy to use CD that includes: 1.The regulation. 2. Employer compliance instructions. 3. Employee training in PowerPoint. 4. PowerPoint training in PDF format. 5. Supervisor training instructions. 6. Additional resources in PDF format. CD includes both English and Spanish. Updated 2011.
Order No. IPSH-5
Members: $35.00 ea / 5 for $110.00 | Non-Members: $50.00 ea / 3 for $110.00

RegLogic Cal/OSHA Construction & Electrical Safety Orders & General Industry Safety Orders
IN BOOK OR CD FORMAT. Are you tired of fumbling through Safety Order books that are so complicated that you get an instant headache just trying to find one regulation? And while you're doing this, have you ever said to yourself "there has to be an easier way?" Then help has arrived! These California Safety Orders are easy to use and quick to locate, read, follow and understand. Revised 2006.
Order No. IPSH-11a -- General Industry Safety Orders Book
Members: $35.00 / Non-Members: $40.00
Order No. IPSH-11b -- General Industry Safety Orders CD
Members: $40.00 / Non-Members: $50.00
Order No. IPSH-11c -- Construction & Electrical Safety Orders Book
Members: $25.00 / Non-Members: $30.00
Order No. IPSH-11d -- Construction & Electrical Safety Orders CD
Members: $40.00 / Non-Members: $50.00

Globally Harmonized System training program
The Globally Harmonized System training program, prepared by the Associated General Contractors of California, is designed to be used as a guide in complying with Federal and State of California regulations for the Globally Harmonized System.    Federal OSHA has established a deadline of December 1, 2013 for employers to train employees on the new label elements and safety data sheet formats.  Additional requirements for Chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors and employers go into effect in 2015 and 2016. Included are resources to assist Employers to make the workplace transition to the Globally Harmonized System in an educated and informed manner. A sample training program is provided for your use to meet that requirement.   A tool entitled the Gap Assessment and Action Plan Worksheet, is for your use in analyzing the “health” of your program and identify where changes are needed to bring the process and program into compliance.
Order No. IPSH-16A (Thumb Drive)
Order No. IPSH-16B (Compact Disc)
Members: $50.00 / Non-Members: $75.00

Safety Training Opportunities: The AGC Video Library
Take advantage of a free service to AGC member companies. Check out films, printed materials and slide tape presentations from the AGC Library. Materials are available on a first come, first-served basis and can be checked out for 5 days. The library contains more than 125 videos on varying subjects with several copies of the more popular items.
Members Only.