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The History of AGC of California
Read about the history of AGC of California and its members' role in building California. This 80-page keepsake book is a must-read for anyone interested in finding out how the association grew over the last 35 years and overcame a myriad of challenges along the way to emerge as the industry's leading statewide construction association. Published in 2004.
Order No. IPGN-5 
Members/Non-members: $30.00 Soft-bound / $50.00 Hard-bound "Coffee Table" version

AGC Salary & Compensation Guide 2017
What are construction firms paying? What are industry professionals earning? Find the answers in this salary survey -- the most comprehensive source of compensation information in California's construction industry. The survey was conducted during  2017 and is published by AGC from information provided by member firms. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.
Order No. IPGN-7

Members: $125.00 / Non-Members: $250.00

Underground Construction Liability
This informative AGC publication provides a summary of California law applying to underground risks, accidents and responsibility. It is a must at any job involving excavation.
Order No. IPGN-8
Members: $15.00 / Non-Members: $30.00

Recruiting, Hiring and Training New Employees
Written in layman's terms, this important new AGC product provides vital information for any California employer hiring or training new employees.
Order No. IPGN-11
Members: $20.00 / Non-Members: $40.00

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act
The ever-changing laws and regulations extending new rights to employees is a possible mine field for any uninformed employer. This publication provides important information on family leave rights granted your employees on both a state and federal level.
Order No. IPGN-12
Members: $10.00 / Non-Members: $25.00