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Open Shop Personnel Management. This manual describes and discusses the requirements of federal labor and employment law in a clear and straightforward way. It explains personnel policies that comply with the law and allow open shop construction contractors to effectively manage their workforce and minimize employment related claims and litigation. 107 pages. 1994
Order No. 2004
Members: $35.00 / Non-Members: $52.00

Model Open Shop Employment Handbook. A properly drafted employee handbook can be an important and useful tool for your company, as well as a continuing resource for employees.  This model will help you standardize and clarify company communications on employment, benefits, work hours, conduct and disciplinary policies.  It will also help you create clear lines of communication and establish authority for the administration and enforcement of these policies.  30 pages.  1996
Order No. 2005
Members: $25.00 / Non-Members: $37.50

Labor Relations Manual for Open Shop Contractors. This manual gives you detailed guidance on elements of sound labor relations and appropriate supervisory action during organizing drives.  It also provides information on types of picketing and rules for handling pickets, organizing attempts (including COMET), open shop operations, marketing, and subcontracting, joint venturing and project labor agreements.  57 pages.  1996
Order No. 2006
Members: $50.00 / Non-Members: $75.00

Equal Opportunity Manual for Construction. This revised and updated EEO Manual includes guidance on preventing and responding to charges of employment discrimination, as well as record keeping and reporting requirements.  To further assist contractors to understand and comply with the wide variety of federal laws and regulations impacting their business, 15 appendices with 27 different forms, notices, questionnaires, checklists and guidelines are included.  320 pages. 1998
Order No. 2085
Members: $50.00 / Non-Members: $75.00