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Manual of Contract Documents. AGC of America has created this comprehensive library of 81 standard form contract documents for building and engineered projects.  One copy of each contract is included in a single, convenient package.  The documents included cover:  Traditional Construction Management, Program Management, Design-Build, Subcontracts, and Engineering and Architectural Services.  2002
Order No. 1800
Members: $325.00 / Non-Members: $375.00

Manual of Bidding, Estimating and Accounting Documents. AGC has compiled all the Bidding, Estimating and Accounting contracts into one convenient, pre-packaged manual.  This manual includes: Order #708 Guide to the Preparation of Instruction to Bidders, #717 Standard Questionnaires and Financial Statement for Bidders (for Engineering Construction), #906 Instruction to Bidders, 1987 Edition (AIA A701), #907 Recommended Guide for Bidding Procedures and Contract Awards for Building Construction (AIA A501), #909 Change Order (AIA G701), #910 Application and Certificate for Payment (AIA G702), #911 Continuation Sheet (AIA G703), #1602 Invitation to Bid/Subbid Proposal, #1607 First Budget Estimate Guideline.  2000
Order No. 1802
Members: $45.00 / Non-Members: $67.50

Guide to Construction Insurance. This booklet provides a concise overview of basic information regarding property and liability insurance and serves as a "primer" to help management personnel enhance their knowledge of insurance issues/policies. 35 pages. 1992
Order No. 3517
Members: $20.00 / Non-Members: $30.00

PR Handbook for Contractors. Written in conjunction with the Construction Writers Association, this book covers various vehicles for public relations messages, types of audiences for those messages, and the steps involved in writing a good news story.  44 pages.  1999
Order No. 3522
Members: $12.00 / Non-Members: $18.00

Partnering: A Concept For Success. This booklet gives you information on how partnering lowers costs, increases productivity and puts the fun and profit back in the construction industry.  Highlights include:  communications and issue resolution strategies.  18 pages.  1991
Order No. 2900
Members: $10.00 / Non-Members: $15.00

Risk Management, Insurance & Bonding for the Construction Industry. An easy-to-read yet complete guide to construction risk management. Intended for the busy contractor. This 162-page handbook introduces you to risk management methodologies, contractual risk transfer, and alternative means of financing risk, experience rating, contract surety and much much more. Includes a construction contract review checklist, a safety information worksheet, best practices for managing workers compensation claims, model guidelines for insurance coverage and a worksheet that you can use to identify and evaluate all of your company’s exposures and risks. 2000.
A “must read” for everyone in the risky business of construction.
Order No. 3520
Members: $89.00 / Non-Members: $133.50