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AGC Expands its Labor Relations Team, Provides County Guidance Updates, and More

Labor Relations Update

AGC’s Expanded Labor Relations Team:
Construction is a dynamic industry able to operate during this current crisis in large part because of the strong relationships between construction companies, associations, and union partners. For more than 100 years, AGC has led labor relations efforts across the state and is pleased to announce the hiring of two new individuals who will help our members navigate through the current crisis and beyond.

Joining the team are Mandy Powers, Director of Labor Relations, Southern California, and Roger Uy, Labor Contracts & Regulatory Manager, Southern California. Powers and Uy have already begun to support AGC’s labor relations effort, bringing significant experience and skill to the team.

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State Government Affairs Update



AGC Develops List of Eligible Third-Party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisors:
To meet the Bay Area’s new shelter-in-place orders, AGC is building out a list of safety professionals who are able to meet the third-party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor requirement. If you are qualified to fulfill this role, please contact us to be added. While this requirement was not advocated for by AGC, we are working diligently to ensure our members are able to meet it and continue operating in the Bay Area. 

As a reminder, construction in the Bay Area can resume today if specific safety measures and social distancing protocols are in place. Small and Large Construction Project Safety Protocols are detailed in each county’s order, and AGC has compiled a list of Safety Professionals and Construction companies who are able to meet the Third Party JSAS requirements.

County-by-County Guidance:
As of Friday, the counties of Santa Cruz, San Benito, Sonoma, and Monterey issued extended shelter-in-place orders. Yolo County modified its order to allow for all construction to continue. While Yolo County’s order follows the state’s order, Sutter, Modoc, and Yuba counties issued separate health orders that will reopen businesses still prohibited by California. Additional counties throughout the state issued updates to their orders last week. Please check our tracking document to see county-specific requirements for construction and business operations.

Governor Newsom Announces Reopening to Begin This Week:
During his daily press briefing, Governor Newsom announced some retailers will be able to reopen as early as Friday of this week. More specific details will be released in the coming days; however, the update signals decision-making will shift more to the local level as we move into phase two of his plan.

Local and State Revenues Hit Hard by COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order:
As anticipated, stay-at-home orders have resulted in reduced gas tax revenue to fund needed infrastructure repairs and shortfalls hitting local government budgets. AGC advocates are continuing to call for financial support to backfill local and state public works budgets as well as policies that protect the ability of local and state agencies to pursue federal funding for programs that require cost-sharing.



Federal Government Affairs Update



AGC Calls for Clarity of PPP Guidance:
The U.S. Small Business Administration and Department of the Treasury issued new guidance (see question #31) putting borrowers and potential borrowers on notice that they should be able to prove in “good faith” that the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created economic uncertainties making the loans critical for business continuity.

AGC of America called on the Secretary of the Treasury and the Trump Administration to provide more clarity regarding the recent guidance and to seek clarity on future audits and potential legal risks for companies that apply for loans. For more clarity on the issue, you can watch or listen for updates.


Training & Education

AGC of California’s Training & Education Department released its updated course calendar, including WebEd training to support the industry during the COVID-19 response and beyond. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Autodesk Construction Cloud, the WebEd trainings listed below are available at no cost to members and non-members. 

Series 1: Supporting Employee Mental Health Through Challenging Times
Building Resiliency Through Support: How Construction Firms Can Take Care of Their Employees
Thursday, May 7 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Click Here to Register
Join this WebEd to better understand how companies and leaders can support their employees–professionally, emotionally, mentally, and even technologically–through crisis and beyond.

Outsmarting Stress in Uncertain Times
Thursday, May 14 from 11 – 12 p.m.
Click Here to Register 
Expand your stress reduction toolbox, find more clarity amid the storm, and be better equipped to help your employees do the same.


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