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Construction Safety Excellence Awards

The purpose of the CSEA is to recognize those construction companies who excel at safety performance. CSEA will closely examine each candidate’s commitment to safety and occupational health management and risk control. Unlike the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program that limits the criteria to frequency rates, the CSEA selection process is considerably more comprehensive. Judges will look for evidence of company management commitment, active employee participation, safety training, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation. 

CSEA Application Instructions  

All applications must be completed and submitted according to the required format and instructions with the appropriate Application Entry Fee of $200.

There is an additional $50 application fee for the Individual Safety Effort of a Project Superintendent, Safety Effort of a Project Team, High Hazard, Unique Safety, and Safety Professional of the Year application.

Schedule and Deadlines

  • Monday, June 6 - Applications available online
  • Friday, July 15 - Entries must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm. 
  • Thursday, July 28 - First Round Judging: Peer Review
  • Thursday, August 25 - Second Round Judging: Live Presentations
  • Friday, October 21 - Safety Awards Luncheon

CSEA Categories and Applications 

The AGC of California Construction Safety Awards Program recognizes contractors for their outstanding safety programs in the following categories:  

For more information about the Construction Safety Excellence Awards applications and deadlines, please contact the AGC Safety and Health Department at (916) 371-2422.