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Newly Formed AGC CA Regulatory Subcommittee Meets with Operating Engineers Local 3 Leadership

Last month the UCC’s Operating Engineers Craft Committee held the first meeting of the joint AGC of California/OE3 Regulatory Subcommittee which was established in the recent MLA negotiations. The subcommittee will be a venue for AGC of California and OE3 to discuss how federal, state, and local regulations are impacting contractors (among other topics) and work together to find ways to make OE3 signatory contractors as competitive as possible. 

Craft Committee Chair Jim Murray of Ford Construction and Vice-Chair Jenna Carlson of Myers and Sons led the conversation for AGC of California with Business Manager Dan Reding, Vice President Justin Dinston, Financial Secretary Dave Harrison, and Treasurer Nate Tucker all participating from OE3. 

The conversation started around COVID-19’s organizational impacts and then turned to the economic outlook in the everyone’s respective markets. The main topic for the meeting though was a discussion around Federal contracting and how the AGC CA and OE3 can work together to make contractors more competitive in this sector.  The difference between Davis-Bacon and MLA wage rates was discussed along with potential avenues to pay for Executive Order 13706’s paid sick leave requirements within OE3’s existing trust funds and contribution structure.  

Thank you to Jim and Jenna for leading the Committee as well as Joy Bily of Dutra Group, George Bradshaw of Underground Construction, Zach Neu from Independent Construction, and Renee Williams of Manson Construction for participating along with AGC CA Labor Relations staff. 

The Craft Committee looks forward to further engagement with OE3 through the subcommittee and if any AGC of California OE3 Signatory has any topic ideas or issues they might like to be discussed, please contact Northern California Director of Labor Relations Bryan Mathews at