Project Engage: 2022 Leadership Development Program

April 19, 2022 (Tue) to
March 31, 2023 (Fri)


Procore + AGC of California

Project Engage was created in a dynamic partnership between Procore and the AGC of California in response to a question asked by leaders across our industry, “How can we leverage leadership and culture development to increase business success?” The answer… engagement.

The Power of Engagement

Leaders who cultivate higher and healthier engagement of their people experience 21% greater profitability and outperform less engaged competitors by 147%. (Gallup)

Your Invitation

Procore and AGC of CA have teamed up to offer a world-class leadership development experience framed with interactive cohort connections, hands-on learning experiences, and premier 1:1 executive coaching with clear objectives.

Throughout this leadership development experience, you will discover the power of leadership to build a healthy culture and generate profitable business.

Your Journey

Multilayered learning. In-person and virtual. Your one-year journey includes individual training featuring on-demand content as preparation for your leadership cohort experience. Premier 1:1 Executive Coaching will serve as the fertile soil of practical application and personal growth. All content is designed as a holistic leadership development experience serving construction leaders.



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