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Create an Environment Conducive to Success

Establishing a project team’s culture prior to the first scheduled work activities is critical to the success of a project. Creating an environment that supports open communication necessary to keep a project on schedule is essential to achieve optimal outcomes. To assist in this process, AGC of California’s Labor Relations is available to facilitate a pre-job conference for members. This is a service that allows a Contractor to set the tone with stakeholders and provide the proper and necessary expectations for a project to mitigate potential disputes during the project. In a pre-job conference, project staff meet with AGC’s local Labor Relations department and their geographical Union representatives assigned to the project to establish a successful working relationship. 

AGC of California Master Labor Agreements (MLAs) give the Union(s) the right to request a pre-job conference, some with project value thresholds. Additionally, a few MLAs specifically state a Contractor will notify the union when a new project starts. Common practice is to provide a minimum of 10 days’ notice to the Union(s). A pre-job conference should establish the following parameters: 

  • Project Overview 

  • Project Contacts 

  • Project Specific Procedures and Protocols 

  • Project Schedule Including Multiple or Special Shift Requirements 

  • Manpower Needs 

  • Key Man/Men designation 

  • Scope of Work Assignments 

  • Project Safety Guidelines 

  • Subcontractors Performing Work on Project 

By the conclusion of the meeting, the attendees should have a general understanding of the project and answers to project-related questions. Meeting minutes should be kept and shared to provide a record of those in attendance and items discussed for future reference. 

AGC of California’s Labor Relations Team encourages members and AGC signatory contractors to leverage this service to ensure enhanced partnership between Unions and Contractors. For more information, contact our Labor Relations Department: 

Northern California: Bryan Mathews, 

Southern California: Mandy Powers,