Leaders of tomorrow start here.

The AGC of California Emerging Leaders Program is proud to present the Emerging Leaders Academy.

Under the direction of the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee, the Academy is an application-based program for employees of member companies.

The yearlong leadership development academy comprises the following components which are mandatory for all participants:

  • Academy Foundations: At the Construct Conference in October 2024, attendees will participate in an in-person retreat that establishes the groundwork for the year’s concepts, projects, and expectations.
  • Education: The UC Davis Continuing & Professional Education Department provides a comprehensive training program that spans the duration of the academy.
  • Yearlong Mentorships: Two mentorship programs, the LEAD Mentorship Program, where academy participants receive a senior leader mentor within their company, and College2Construct with AGC Student Chapters, where academy participants mentor students, provide participants with comprehensive growth opportunities.
  • Connect with AGC of California: A placement program educates participants on AGC of California programs and services, and connects Academy members with opportunities available through the AGC of California.
  • Small-Group Projects: Academy members work in small groups on a project of their choice throughout the year and present their findings to executives and sponsors at the end of the year at the Construct Conference 2025.
  • In-Person Celebration: The academy culminates with an in-person celebration at the Construct Conference 2025, where participants present their small-group projects to executives and sponsors, attend the Leaders & Legends Awards Lunch, and participate in the Passing the Torch Ceremony.

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