Bridging the Gap Together

This Volunteer Month, AGC of California, powered by our Emerging Leaders and AGC Student Chapters, invites you to unite in service. We encourage members across the state to engage in organized volunteer opportunities or individual acts of service.

Participate, Share, Inspire!

Connect with us through #AGCCA & #AGCVolunteerVibes on social media and share your unique contribution to community service.

By participating, you highlight your personal journey but also play a crucial role in bridging diverse groups, fostering a collective sense of empowerment and unity.  Additionally, our schedule page lists event-specific hashtags, offering you the opportunity for targeted exposure at both local and regional levels.

Partner With Us Through Sponsorship

Whether your interest lies in supporting a single event or the entire #AGCVolunteerVibes initiative, your contribution will be pivotal in bringing our shared vision to life. For sponsorship opportunities and to discuss how your organization can get involved, please contact us at training@agc-ca.org.