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As a member, you have access to AGC’s greatest resource: other AGC members. Through events, targeted forums, and intentional peer-to-peer conversations, you’ll get meaningful insights on how to develop important relationships and learn from others.

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I’ve met so many industry leaders, or “titans of industry” as I call them, through AGC. Throughout my 40+ years in AGC, these leaders have become mentors, friends and partners. They’ve shared openly and freely their best practices and savvy counsel. Our company is so much better off because of these relationships formed at AGC meetings and conferences, and I’m a better leader because of their mentorship and friendship.

Blach Construction Co.

Mike Blach, 2020-21 President, AGC of California
Blach Construction Co.

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Overall number of AGC members in 2020 (538 contractors and 435 associates).


The percentage of our members who engage and show up by actively participating in our events committees, councils, boards, forums and trainings.

Case Studies

Elevating Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses

AGC Value Delivered

  • AGC participated in the development of the Caltrans Disparity Study to identify barriers that minority- and women-owned businesses faced during Caltrans’ contracting process.
  • The results of the study will be used to allow these businesses to increase their participation in local contracts and refine Caltrans’ implementation of DBE programs.

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