C2C Mentoring Program

Empowering future leaders in construction.

The College2Construct (C2C) mentoring program is a valuable initiative that fosters professional growth for both college students and members of the Emerging Leaders Academy. By connecting aspiring professionals with experienced industry leaders, the program aims to provide students with practical knowledge and insight while also enhancing the leadership skills of Emerging Leaders Program members. Our program spans from fall through spring each year, designed to foster connections that last well beyond its formal conclusion. By participating in the College2Construct mentoring program, students and mentors alike will be empowered to grow and succeed in the construction industry.

We are currently accepting applications for the C2C cohort beginning November 2024. Applications:


For Students & Emerging Leaders

Key Goals for College Students (Mentees):

  • Receive guidance and support from experienced professionals
  • Benefit from professional development and networking opportunities
  • Boost confidence and expand knowledge in the construction industry
  • Access a confidential space to discuss ideas, goals, and challenges

Key Benefits for Emerging Leaders (Mentors):

  • Develop and refine leadership and communication skills
  • Gain fresh perspectives on professional identity and growth
  • Expand professional networks and foster community
  • Contribute to the development of future construction professionals
  • Increase workplace motivation and satisfaction

I've always been driven by the opportunity to share what I've learned with the next generation. It's about passing on the knowledge to keep our industry strong and innovative. Mentorship is more than guidance; it's about inspiring the mentees to see beyond the blueprints and understand the value they bring to every project. Finding the right company is about more than just the salary; it's about aligning with values that resonate with your own. That's the advice I give to anyone stepping into this industry. Our number one goal should be to train and guide the future generation. Being available to guide students just starting their careers is crucial for their success and the industry's future.

Turner Construction

Yevgeny Kutsar, EIT, DBIA, Senior Estimator
Turner Construction

This mentorship program was a perfect opportunity to get a head start on my career. It's about leveraging every chance you get to learn from those who've already paved their way. Learning from someone experienced in the field gives you insights you can't find in textbooks. It's about understanding the industry from the inside out. A goal for us was to find a company that meets my values, showing me that the benefits of the right fit far outweigh just the salary. I would definitely recommend mentorship to others. It's a unique chance to gain practical advice and get a good start in your career.

Jaime Villasenor, Construction Management Student
CSU Sacramento

It only took a 15-minute presentation to guide me towards my career path. Sometimes, that's all it takes to open someone's mind to the possibilities within this industry. The diversity in the pool of students involved in the mentorship program was a pleasant surprise. It reflects the varied paths one can take within the construction industry. Effective communication is pivotal in our industry. It's not just about conveying information but about building relationships that drive projects forward. I believe in paying it forward. If my journey can help even one person navigate their career in construction, then it's worth sharing.

Granite Construction

Ashley Lassiter, Project Manager and Estimator
Granite Construction

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The College2Construct Pathway

The College2Construct program by AGC of California, which pairs Emerging Leaders with AGC Student Chapter participants for a six-month mentorship, exemplifies the bridging of academic theory with practical industry application, fostering meaningful relationships and nurturing future construction professionals through the mentorship of individuals like Yevgeny Kutsar and Jaime Villasenor.

Paving the Way for the Next Generation of Construction Leaders

In an industry as dynamic and diverse as construction, the infusion of fresh talent and the transfer of seasoned insights are crucial for sustained growth and innovation. The College2Construct mentorship program, launched by AGC of California, embodies this ethos by connecting experienced professionals with college students eager to carve out their careers in construction.

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