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Workforce Development|February 12, 2024

Shaping the Future of Construction: The College2Construct Pathway

The College2Construct program by AGC of California, which pairs Emerging Leaders with AGC Student Chapter participants for a six-month mentorship, exemplifies the bridging of academic theory with practical industry application, fostering meaningful relationships and nurturing future construction professionals through the mentorship of individuals like Yevgeny Kutsar and Jaime Villasenor.

The College2Construct program, spearheaded by AGC of California, is a strategic initiative designed to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical industry application—this application-based program pairs Emerging Leaders in construction with AGC Student Chapter participants for a formal six-month mentorship. Aimed at fostering substantive, enduring relationships beyond its duration, the program exemplifies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of construction professionals. Through the mentorship between Yevgeny Kutsar, an experienced industry professional, and Jaime Villasenor, a senior Construction Management student at CSU Sacramento, we see the transformative potential of such connections, underscoring the program’s role in shaping the industry’s future leaders.

A Meeting of Minds and Ambitions

Yevgeny Kutsar, reflecting on his motivation, shared, “I’ve always been driven by the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with the next generation. Joining College2Construct felt like a natural extension of this passion.” His dedication to the mentorship role underscores the program’s capacity to facilitate meaningful knowledge transfer and professional development.

Jaime Villasenor, on his part, expressed his eagerness to leverage the program: “Hearing about College2Construct opened a new avenue for me. I knew it was a unique chance to gain insights from someone who’s already navigated the industry successfully.”

Bridging Education and Experience

Their interaction goes beyond mere guidance, evolving into a dialogue of shared interests and professional growth. “Meeting after my morning classes allows us to dive deep into discussions about the industry’s landscape, offering me a real-world perspective that’s invaluable,” Villasenor remarked about their meetings.

Kutsar, emphasizing the importance of alignment with one’s values in the industry, stated, “It’s crucial to find a place that not only offers a competitive salary but also resonates with your personal and professional ethics. That’s something I consistently highlight to Jaime.”

Endorsements and Aspirations

Both mentor and mentee are staunch advocates for the program, recognizing its role in shaping future industry leaders. Kutsar noted, “If my experiences can help guide someone like Jaime towards making informed career choices, then I believe we’re truly making a difference.”

Villasenor, reflecting on his own journey and future aspirations, said, “The guidance I’ve received has been pivotal. I’m definitely considering coming back as a mentor to pay it forward.”


Through the mentorship journey of Yevgeny Kutsar and Jaime Villasenor, the College2Construct program demonstrates its significant impact on the construction industry’s future. It not only prepares students for the professional world but also fosters a culture of ongoing learning and mentorship, ensuring the industry’s growth and ethical standards for years to come. Visit the Emerging Leaders website to learn more about the program and apply to participate.

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