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News|December 21, 2020

Announcing AGC Safety Professional Scholarship Winners!

​The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) and AGC Construction Education Foundation (AGC CEF), in partnership with construction technology provider HammerTech, are pleased to announce the recipients of the AGC Safety Professional Scholarship! The scholarship, valued at approximately $1,500 each, has been awarded to four individuals who are current safety professionals pursuing additional/advanced certification at AGC member companies.

Congratulations to our recipients:

  • ACCO Engineered Systems: Heather Reyes, Safety Specialist
  • Hensel Phelps: Daovina Nguyen, Safety Engineer 
  • Trinity Safety Group: Roberto Portillo, DC Water ROCIP Safety Representative
  • Hensel Phelps:  Anonymous 

The AGC Safety Professional Scholarship was offered to AGC member contractors nationwide as a timely solution for current staff to advance their careers during a difficult time for the industry and the world at large. Thanks to the generous support of HammerTech, this opportunity would not be possible.

AGC CEF understands the essential role trained talent plays in our industry’s ability to perform construction and improvement projects vital to the way Californian’s live, work and play. As we look to the future, we have new and exciting ways to invest in the most important part of our industry: our workforce. AGC CEF offers innovative programs, such as our scholarship programs, to current industry professionals and students pursuing an education and career in construction so that they have the support needed to advance their careers in construction. As a non-profit, AGC CEF is 100% dependent on charitable donations and grant funds to successfully operate these programs and support the industry.

Please join us as we work together to ensure a prosperous future for the construction industry.

It is extremely important for me to learn as much as possible for me to excel in my new career. I believe taking on the role as a Safety Professional I will be able to really connect with my fellow employees and apply myself where needed. My goal is to obtain the highest certification in safety as possible and as quickly as possible so I can be an asset to the company.

— ACCO Engineered Systems: Heather Reyes, Safety Specialist

I became a safety professional because I wanted to prevent injuries rather than treat injuries. Training and development are important to me because it allows me to share what I learned. Receiving this scholarship will empower me to prove my expertise and provide support for those that are affected through teaching and guiding safe work practices. I strive for continuous improvement, not only out in the field, but also for myself.

​— Hensel Phelps: Daovina Nguyen, Safety Engineer

This scholarship is going to be used toward my ASP and it’s financially going to assist me in getting good study material to study for the ASP because I’ve heard it’s difficult and I need assistance and I could use it towards and opens up doors for me to take courses to advance my career.

—​ Trinity Safety Group: Roberto Portillo, DC Water ROCIP Safety Representative

I’m grateful for the industry scholarship offered by HammerTech and AGC of California! It’s a rare opportunity to have a scholarship offered for industry professionals to assist in the advancement of our career. The scholarship is an added incentive push my level of knowledge higher, by studying for and obtaining the CSP. Thank you HammerTech and AGC of California.

— Hensel Phelps: Anonymous

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