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A Contractor-First Approach

Advocate for the Industry

By standing up for the best interests of our industry, we drive change and create opportunities for you to build.

Address Labor & Compliance Issues

As a member, you have access to expert advice and resources needed to manage labor and compliance challenges, including regulations, negotiations, and grievances.

Build Your Network

Through events, targeted forums, and intentional peer-to-peer conversations, you’ll get meaningful insights on how to develop important relationships and learn from others.

Build Your Competence

You and your team have access to trainings and education, roundtable discussions, and ways to learn and engage around issues that impact job sites, operations, and your bottom-line.

Meet Your Workforce Needs

Utilize tools and resources to build the diverse, inclusive, and safe culture you need to attract and retain your desired workforce, including early and exclusive access to future leaders.

Invest in Our Future

We give back and strengthen our industry through scholarships and giving, mentorships, and the continued development of minority and small contractors.

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