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Blog|March 24, 2023

CARB proposes new language to Advanced Clean Fleets regulation

AGC of California staff has been working diligently to advocate for the construction industry regarding the burdens the proposed Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation would impose on the industry. CARB’s ACF regulation will affect members who have $50 million or more in total gross annual revenue or have a fleet of 50 or more vehicles and may be applicable to the high priority and federal fleets portion of the regulation. On Feb. 13, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), hosted a public workshop to discuss proposed changes to draft regulatory language.  

Through industry advocacy efforts, the proposed changes include several extensions that will provide fleet owners more time to meet the zero-emission vehicle requirements when faced with construction and utility infrastructure delays outside of their control.  

More specifically, the construction infrastructure delay extension was lengthened from one year to two years, and the infrastructure site electrification delay extension was added, providing an additional five years to meet the requirements.  

While these proposed changes are not finalized yet, CARB is expected to release their final board package in late March. AGC of California staff will continue to advocate for member priorities and continue to provide updates in a timely manner as more developments and resources become available. 

The regulation is expected to be voted on by the CARB board at the April 27 board hearing. If you have any questions, you may contact Senior Policy Coordinator Mary Alyssa Rancier, at rancierm@agc-ca.org. 

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