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Constructor Awards|January 1, 2021

Teichert Construction – Excellence in Partnering Constructor Award (2020)

Colfax I-80 Truck Climbing Lane – 03-1 F4 004 Project

The prestigious 2020 Excellence in Partnering Constructor Award was presented to Teichert Construction for their work on the Colfax I-80 Truck Climbing Lane – 03-1 F4 004 Project. The partnering process enabled Teichert Construction and Caltrans to develop a trust-based, team environment that was key to the success of the Colfax-I-80 Truck Climbing Lane project.

The project involved construction of a 3-mile truck-climbing lane, the widening and replacement of Cape Horn Undercrossing, and a host of related improvements along eastbound I-80 near Colfax from the Long Ravine Underpass to the Alpine Overcrossing. It was designed to allow for better traffic flow and safe traveling in this busy, steep section of Northern California highway.

During the 3-year construction process, the project team overcame many known as well as unexpected challenges. These included traffic and weather issues, a major bridge repair issue and a massive slope failure that released over 60,000 cubic yards of rock and dirt onto I-80, to name a few.

Early on, partnering brought together the entire team for open discussions about the scope of work and other issues that might impact the budget. Using the resolution ladder formalized by the partnering process for project management dispute resolution, the team overcame every obstacle along the way.

Perseverance, communication, and teamwork driven by the partnering approach allowed Teichert to complete the project on schedule and under budget.

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