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Blog|November 7, 2021

We Asked. You Answered. We Deliver!

Thank you to everyone who completed the Training & Education Member Survey! The results are in, and they tell a story that will shape AGC’s training catalogue for the coming year. Learn more

A big thank you to everyone who completed the AGC of California Training & Education Member Survey. Based on the results, we’ve concluded that the majority of our members are looking for: 

  • Leadership and software training – although safety, compliance, technical, and business skills were also chosen as priorities.  
  • Virtual training is preferred for the majority of members as they can attend from an office or job site and meet live with an instructor. 
  • On-demand training that members can start and stop to fit around their schedule.  

AGC of California offers a robust catalogue of trainings to round out the remainder of the year, and an exciting line-up of new offerings in 2022! These include: 

  • Project Engage: This 2022 Leadership Development Program is launching in January 2022. Join industry leaders in this 10-month program that offers a world-class leadership development experience framed with interactive cohort connections, hands-on learning experiences, and premier 1:1 executive coaching with clear objectives. Learn more and register here → 
  • AGC of California’s virtual training catalog is robust and will continue to be a staple delivery method. Our new website makes our courses and delivery methods easy to find with exceptional search and filtering options. We encourage you to check out our virtual training classes today that include software, safety, compliance, technical, and business training. View the catalog and sign up today → 
  • In 2022, AGC of California is investing in a Learning Management System that will allow the Training and Education Department to offer a full catalog of on-demand training that will continue to grow. Stay tuned for more information! 
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