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Bay Bridges District

AGC of California provides tailored, district-level support to contractors throughout the Bay Bridges District. Thanks to a talented, dedicated staff, we can support your company locally, as well as provide statewide and national support to help your company succeed in the communities you serve.

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District Counties Include

  • Mendocino
  • Lake Sonoma
  • Sonoma
  • Napa
  • Marin
  • San Francisco
  • Solano
  • Contra Costa
  • Alameda

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District Board of Directors

AGC of California district board of directors help shape the future of the association and the industry. These volunteer leaders help create opportunities for other local AGC members to come together and learn, engage, and influence at the local level. Those who participate gain insights into the happenings within their district, as well as connections to peers and colleagues doing business in the market. Join to make an impact and proactively shape the future of construction at the local level. Contact to learn more.

Thiel Harryman

Chair, Nova Group, Inc.

Osama Martell

Vice Chair, Foundation Constructors, Inc.

Carole Bionda, Esq.,

CL Bionda Consulting LLC

Larry Booth

Frank M. Booth

Darren Hiatt

Granite Construction Company, Inc.

Christine Williams

Granite Construction Company, Inc.

Justin Ingram

Granite Construction Company, Inc.

Douglas Hanford

Hanford ARC

Seth Boles

Hensel Phelps Construction

Walt Johnson

K. G. Walters Construction Company, Inc

Alex Clark

Mitchell Engineering

Buddy Wall

Moss Adams LLP

David Gill

National Trench Safety

Jeff Nahass

Trench Plate Rental Company

Aaron Silberman

Rogers Joseph O’Donnell

Miquel "Mick" Penn


James Hall

Tenth St.

Steve Rule

Turner Construction Company

George Bradshaw

Underground Construction Company, Inc.

Tom Belcher

Underwater Resources, Inc.

Garrett Dillon

Varela Lee Metz & Guarino, LLP

Miguel Galarza

Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction Company

2022 Legacy Sponsors

Nor-Cal Pipeline Services