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AGC of California’s Small/Underrepresented Business (SUB) BASICS Training Program, created by AGC of California’s DE&I Steering Committee & partners, provides free on-demand business acumen training for SUBs in California. Upon completing the virtual program, BASICS-certified companies will be provided with match-making opportunities with AGC General and Specialty Contractor members.

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Composed of 11 courses developed by experts in the construction field, the SUB BASICS Training Program offers an essential foundation for building your business. The acronym BASICS represents six areas:

  • Banking & Surety
  • Accounting & Cashflow
  • Safety
  • Insurance & Contract Acumen
  • Compliance
  • Strategic Planning


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Banking & Surety

Understanding the Critical Financial Elements Important to Your Bank

Dean Pritchett, CPA, Serenity Business Services

Dean Pritchett, CPA, with Serenity Business Services, shares input on applying for credit, explains the bonding process, and offers tips and tricks for building a strong relationship with your banker, bonder, and accountant.

Accounting & Cashflow

Learning to Use Your Own Financials to Boost Cashflow

Dean Pritchett, CPA, Serenity Business Services

Hear from Dean Pritchett, CPA, with Serenity Business Services, to learn tips on reporting financials, including accrual vs. cash basis reporting, income statement vs. profit & loss statement, and more. Dean will also share best practices on the year-end close and budgeting for your business. Lastly, Dean will review how to ensure you plan for continual cashflow year over year.


When & How to Talk to Construction Workers About Suicide Prevention

Cal Beyer, Holmes Murphy Company

This session focuses on when AND how to talk to construction workers about behavioral health. This will help your organization break the stigma around mental health. The session will highlight 12 specific opportunities to talk to construction workers about mental wellbeing, substance use disorders, Employee Assistance Program, and suicide prevention. The session will include an overview of the LEARN Saves Lives®model for engaging workers in discussion around suicide prevention.

Suicide Prevention, Recovery Impacts & Resources

Jamie F. Becker & Amber Novey, Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America  and LIUNA Pacific Southwest Region

The construction industry has one of the highest suicide and opioid overdose rates among all industries. The reasons are complicated. This webinar, in collaboration with the Laborers Health and Safety Fund of North America and sponsored by AGC of California, will spotlight the impact that suicides, mental health disorders, and substance use have on the trades. Participants will take away resources and examples of what stakeholders can do to support workers and keep them safe in a dynamic environment.

Working With Cal/OSHA

Joe Larson, SALT Safety

Learn the essentials of daily site preparation that goes beyond the basics and ensures your job site meets safety standards before an inspection occurs. Gain insights into professional conduct during inspections, the effective use of language, and the importance of thorough documentation, including Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Hazard Identification Prevention Program (HIPP).

Insurance & Contract Acumen

Insurance: A Practical Understanding

Ingrid Merriwether, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services

Ingrid Merriwether of Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services provides an overview of understanding insurance for your firm. She covers the different types of insurance and which liabilities they cover, how to position yourself better to understand contract scopes, and how to negotiate depending on the type of insurance you must have.

A Contractor’s Guide to Construction Contract Terms

John Miller, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services

John Miller, with Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services, gives a contractor’s guide to construction contract terms. In this session, John will address the contract review process from both prime and SUB contractor’s perspectives.


Prevailing Wage Law Compliance and Critical Updates

Joshua Lange, Atkinson, Anderson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

Joshua Lange, AALRR, gives an introductory overview of prevailing wage law compliance in California. This session will equip new and emerging contractors with the basis for prevailing wage, the requirements for recordkeeping, enforcement, debarment, apprenticeship, workforce, and more, as well as resources and tips to ensure you know how to remain compliant.

California Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll Reports

Steven Hesse, LCPTracker

Steven Hesse, LCPtracker, gives an informative session on prevailing wage when it comes to wage determinations, filling out and submitting a Certified Payroll Report, and more!

Strategic Planning

Understanding Project Delivery Methods

Austin Wheelon, PCL Construction

Austin Wheelon, with PCL Construction Services, offers a comprehensive overview of various project delivery methods, including Construction Manager At Risk, Traditional Design Build, Progressive Design Build, P3, and Negotiated Build.

Build Your Network

Talin Espinoza, Flatiron Construction

Talin Espinoza, of Flatiron, dives into the best practices of creating a large and dependable network, including tricks on succeeding at networking events and deepening business relationships.

How to Access the On-Demand Courses

The courses are hosted on AGC of California’s Learning Management System (LMS). Use your AGC/Atlas Login credentials to access your training courses. If you do not have AGC/Atlas Login credentials, please create an account.

Contact if you have questions or require assistance.

Match-making Opportunities

Upon course completion, an AGC staff member will reach out to the individual who completed the course to begin the next steps to facilitate matchmaking opportunities with AGC member companies.

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