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Legislative Activities

Ensuring On-Point Policy

Advocating for our industry’s future is all of our responsibility. The Legislative Committee is where our members actively engage and influence legislation that impacts our job sites and our businesses. This committee reviews, comments, and engages with our legislative advocates and staff to shape policy on an ongoing basis, and ensure that the voice of construction is always present and heard.

The AB5 Decision

California’s construction industry continues to be impacted by Assembly Bill 5. We are committed to providing you with the latest information on how this affects your business.

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Project Labor Agreements (PLA)

We believe that if a government agency is going to implement a mandated labor agreement, then contractors must be at the table to provide practical and real-world input on how construction projects are actually managed and executed. Lack of contractor input on such agreements can erode the benefits of the competitive bidding process, and cause resources to be spent on additional administrative requirements, rather than actual construction of the project itself. Agencies and their projects directly benefit from the expertise provided by the contractors who manage day-to-day construction processes. PLAs affect both union and open shop contractors, and AGC strives to ensure that the interests of all industry stakeholders are addressed.

Legislative Activities Resources

Full Position Paper

Read our position paper on Government Mandated Project Labor Agreements (GMLA), also known as Project Labor Agreements (PLA), Project Stabilization Agreements (PSA), or Community Workforce Agreements (CWA). This paper was adopted by the AGC Board of Directors in 2019.

PLA Matrix

This is a matrix of identified PLA’s with public agencies throughout the state. It is updated regularly, so check back often.

PLA Comment Letter

Download this sample template letter (word document) if your company chooses to provide comments during the PLA development process.

Skilled & Trained Workforce Requirements

Get the latest information related to apprenticeship and journeyman programs.

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