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Safety Week

Safety is a bond that unites us. It’s our connection to each other and to something bigger than ourselves. Connection strengthens us because it means we work together to build a stronger industry by creating a safe environment for our workers. A safe environment is a supportive environment, one in which we demonstrate that we are here for each other and our common good in every possible way.

AGC of California’s Safety and Health Council is proud to provide the tools and resources necessary to help employers ensure that everyone can do their work and return home safely every day. As part of our commitment to promoting safety, we have provided a list of talking points that can be used to facilitate daily toolbox talks, as well as comprehensive training modules that cover key safety topics such as Fall Protection, Ladder Use, and Silica for a more comprehensive training experience.   When we’re connected and supported, we are better able to help ourselves and our teams stay present and focused on the job.

We ask that each AGC of California member participate in Safety Week with focused discussions each day and additional training to better our individual companies and our industry. Utilize the resources below to guide your efforts:

Toolbox Talks:



Looking for other opportunities to train employees? AGC of California’s Training & Education Department regularly offers safety and health WebEds!

Developing a “Culture of Safety”

Brian Mello, AGC of California, Associate Vice President, Engagement & Regulatory Affairs, has written an accompanying article “Culture of Safety,” outlining why this mindset is the foundation of a successful construction company.

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2022 Safety Week — Tailgate Talks

Silica Safety Tailgate Talk

Monday – Silica in Construction

Fall Prevention Tailgate Talk

Tuesday – Fall Prevention

Head Protection Tailgate Talk

Wednesday – Hardhat Safety

Confined Space Tailgate Talk

Thursday – Confined Space

Mobile Equipment Safety Tailgate Talk

Friday – Mobile Equipment Safety

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