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Autodesk Revit – Exploring the Essentials OnDemand

The design world has made the shift to BIM, and working in 3D systems like Autodesk Revit is vital to every firm’s growth, and every designer’s career. The problem is, that many folks have been thrown into the Revit world with no more than a quick overview, and in many cases a “figure it out as you go” directive from above. Understanding the basic concepts, controls, and features of Revit is vital. Even those who’ve been working in Revit for a while often don’t know about, or fully understand, some of the basic concepts needed in order to be productive. From initial project setup, through basic views, annotations, and working with linked Models this class is a must for every Revit user out there. This class will help you, and your firm, comfortably make the move from out-of-date 2D CAD work to the world of 3D BIM in Revit, making you confident in your understanding and capabilities.

Virtual Training

This course will be hosted at  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ Use your AGC/Atlas Login credentials in order to access your training courses. If you do not have AGC/Atlas Login credentials, please create an account in  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ using the same email address you used when purchasing the course to access the content.

It may take up to 45 minutes for your course to be ready and enrolled.

Contact training@agc-ca.org if you have questions or require assistance.

Session 1: Understanding the Basics 

  • Starting a Project
  • Understanding the User Interface
  • View Controls
  • Levels and Grids
  • Creating Views – Sections & Elevations

Session 2: File Linking and Visibility Graphics

  • Understanding Linked Models
  • Object Styles and Visibility Graphics
  • Detail Levels
  • View Range
  • View Templates

Session 3: Model Objects

  • Parameter Types
  • Creating System Families
  • Loading Component Families
  • Modify Tools

Session 4: Annotations & Schedules

  • Creating Detail & Drafting Views
  • Text Annotation
  • Dimensions
  • Tags and Schedules
  • Creating Sheets

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