Bridging the Language Barrier – Improving Safety Culture

In the construction field Latinos are at a higher risk for safety accidents. There are three prominent barriers, 1) training difficulties, 2) language differences, and 3) the lack of understanding the Hispanic culture.

July 13, 2023 (Thu)
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Virtual Training

Elevate your construction site’s safety standards by attending this empowering online seminar on “Bridging the Language Barrier – Improving Safety Culture”. Hosted by the Carolinas AGC in collaboration with the AGC of California, this seminar zeroes in on the imperative need to bolster safety measures for the Latino workforce in the construction industry.

It’s a widely known fact that Latino workers are disproportionately susceptible to workplace accidents in construction. Three principal hurdles contribute to this predicament – the language barrier, training challenges, and a lack of understanding of Hispanic culture. In this seminar, you will uncover invaluable insights into surmounting these obstacles and fostering a safer, more inclusive atmosphere for Hispanic employees.

Participants will get acquainted with:

  • Practical Strategies to augment safety protocols and bolster communication.
  • Cultural Competency Training to understand and respect Hispanic culture.
  • Bilingual Safety Training Approaches to overcome language barriers.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management to safeguard both temporary and permanent staff from workplace hazards.

This webinar is an indispensable resource for all non-Hispanic personnel entrusted with the responsibility of supervising or training Hispanic workers. It is specially tailored for crew leaders, project managers, superintendents, HR managers, and senior staff members.

Seize this golden opportunity to contribute to the success of your construction company by ensuring the well-being of your invaluable workforce. Reserve your spot today to learn how to create a synergy between safety and cultural diversity, and pave the way for an enhanced safety culture in the construction industry.

About the Instructors

Jeff Alfonso
Jeff Alfonso, CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter (Bilingual Authorized OSHA Safety Trainer)


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