Equipment Management: The Next Frontier for Construction Technology

Up to this point, clear data shows contractors have struggled with seeing real gains and value using construction tech. However, contractors are adopting construction-focused equipment management systems rapidly to see measurable improvements in communication, efficiencies, and finance. These contractors are positioned well to evolve as a business as construction tech evolves alongside them. The future of the industry is moving more towards a “cloud stack” and predictive analytics that will fuel advanced business intelligence we’ve yet to experience. This, combined with advancements in machinery such as autonomous equipment, robotics, assistive devices, etc. will raise the bar for the requirements in equipment management.

Virtual Training

Hear lessons learned from 1,200 construction companies on construction technology and equipment management, and learn how the construction industry and construction tech can partner up to best serve contractors. Learn more about how to leverage construction technology to mature your equipment management processes and drive meaningful improvements in your business and keep pace with our ever-evolving industry. Take away actionable steps on how to utilize technology to improve your operation.

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About the Instructors

Russ Young
Russ Young, Chief Business Development Officer (Tenna)

As Chief Business Development Officer for Tenna, Russ oversees the growth strategy for the organization by working with sales, partners and customers to ensure success. Russ brings two and a half decades of experience from Google, Amazon, Oracle and FMI in best practices for technology strategy, selection and adoption. He applies his knowledge from these organizations to build awareness and provide thought leadership to the construction industry. He emphasizes the importance of technology and picking the right tool for the job.

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