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Extreme Ownership: How to Manage Your Problems as a Leader

Take command of your leadership journey with 'Extreme Ownership: How to Manage Your Problems as a Leader,' an immersive class led by the esteemed Jocko Willink. This course is meticulously designed for leaders seeking to elevate their leadership skills to the highest level, addressing critical aspects of leadership within the context of the construction and business worlds.

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From managing personal challenges to fostering a culture of ownership among your team, this class provides actionable strategies and insights into creating a positive work culture, enhancing mental health awareness, and inspiring your team through adversity.

Dive deep into the principles of ‘Extreme Ownership’ and discover how these concepts apply to debriefing projects effectively, encouraging knowledge sharing among top team members, and avoiding the pitfalls of poor work culture. Learn why attracting veterans to your company can enhance your team’s discipline and work ethic, and how to lead effectively, regardless of the size of your organization.

Jocko Willink’s expertise brings to light the importance of humility in leadership, the significance of blue-collar work, and the essential nature of safety in the workplace. The course also covers innovative leadership tactics such as ‘Default Aggressive,’ ‘Laws of Combat,’ and how to bridge the gap between field and office to create unity and effective communication across all levels of your organization.

Understand the unique challenges and opportunities in leading a millennial workforce, the necessity of leadership training for all team members, and the pivotal role of a second-in-command. With a comprehensive overview of resources for growth and development, this class is a treasure trove of knowledge for leaders determined to make a meaningful impact and drive success in their careers and businesses.

Whether you’re aspiring to take over a family business, build a career in the dirt world, or simply looking to refine your leadership approach, this class offers the insights and tools needed to navigate the complexities of leadership, prioritize objectives, and foster a culture of innovation, adaptation, and disciplined execution. Join us to transform your leadership approach and guide your team to extraordinary success with the principles of ‘Extreme Ownership.

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