Presentations That Work in a Virtual Environment

Presentations and public speaking are inevitable aspects of most jobs. With adequate preparation, you can confidently deliver a virtual or an in-person presentation that captivates your audience.

This online Presentations That Work in a Virtual Environment training course includes techniques to help you determine what the audience wants and needs, methods to gauge their needs and a structure for organizing and formatting a good presentation. You will learn that for virtual presentations, the preparation is actually similar to traditional live presentations. We still need to understand who our audience is and exactly what we want their takeaways to be- that is, what the outcome of the presentation is. This is no different from traditional presentations - execution is where the difference lies.

Virtual Training

This Course is OnDemand

This course will be hosted at  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ Use your AGC/Atlas Login credentials in order to access your training courses. If you do not have AGC/Atlas Login credentials, please create an account in  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ using the same email address you used when purchasing the course to access the content.

It may take up to 45 minutes for your course to be ready and enrolled.

Contact training@agc-ca.org if you have questions or require assistance.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Presentations That Work in a Virtual Environment course, the user will learn to:

  • Identify your audience needs
  • Select a topic that is based on the needs and interests of your audience
  • Plan and structure the content to support the purpose and objectives of your presentation
  • Describe several best practices for giving virtual presentations

Course Outline

This online Presentations That Work in a Virtual Environment course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Plan the Content, Strategy, & Sequence
  2. Practice the Presentation
  3. Deliver a Polished Presentation

Course Audience

This online Presentations That Work in a Virtual Environment training course is designed for anyone who needs to deliver a virtual or an in-person presentation.


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