Prevailing Wage, Certified Payroll & Compliance Certificate Course

Labor Compliance professionals offer step-by-step guidelines to understand and comply with the Davis Bacon Act and California State Prevailing Wages, as well as the intricacies of special holidays, travel and subsistence pay, apprenticeship regulations, fringe benefits, and staying in compliance in this two-part virtual seminar.

April 4, 2023 (Tue) to
April 5, 2023 (Wed)
Virtual Training

Hear from industry experts from Caltrans, local municipalities, Apprenticeship Programs, and representatives of fringe benefit trust plans, and many more in this two-part virtual workshop. Participants earn a certificate upon completion.


  • Know why Prevailing Wage laws exist
  • Understand the differences between California and Federal Prevailing Wage requirements
  • Who is entitled to Prevailing Wage?
  • Updates on California and Davis-Bacon Act laws and regulations
  • Contractor liability for subcontractor’s failure to properly pay Prevailing Wage
  • Determine the correct Prevailing Wage rate
  • Understand Certified Payroll forms
  • Understanding classifications
  • Public works require compliance with Labor & Apprenticeship laws
  • Record keeping and Fringe Benefit requirements

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