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Strategic Management of Your Organization

Approximately 80% of strategies fail, not because they aren’t good strategies, but because they aren’t executed properly. The balanced scorecard seeks to ensure the proper execution of strategy and to balance an organization’s current performance against the long-term health of the organization. It offers a strategic view of the organization, a process for managing the organization strategically instead of tactically, and common terminology for discussing strategic issues and communicating strategy to the entire organization.

This Strategic Management of Your Organization online training course provides an important tool for strategically managing an organization’s performance. This course will show what is involved in implementing a balanced scorecard in an organization.

Virtual Training

This Course is OnDemand

This course will be hosted at  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ Use your AGC/Atlas Login credentials in order to access your training courses. If you do not have AGC/Atlas Login credentials, please create an account in  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ using the same email address you used when purchasing the course to access the content.

It may take up to 45 minutes for your course to be ready and enrolled.

Contact training@agc-ca.org if you have questions or require assistance.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Strategic Management of Your Organization course, the user will learn to:

  • Explain the scorecard’s four generic perspectives
  • List the steps in implementing the balanced scorecard and building scorecard processes
  • Identify recent developments in the balanced scorecard
  • Describe the process of analyzing risk using the scorecard
  • Discuss how a private sector organization adapted the scorecard to meet its needs
  • Discuss how a public sector organization adapted the scorecard

Course Outline

This online Strategic Management of Your Organization course is made up of the following sections:

  1. An Overview of the Balanced Scorecard’s Four Perspectives
  2. Recent Developments in the Balanced Scorecard
  3. Balanced Scorecard Private Sector Case Study:MDS
  4. Balanced Scorecard Public Sector Case Study: RCMP
  5. Strategic Management for Your Organization Exam

Course Audience

This Strategic Management of Your Organization online training course was designed for employees and supervisors.

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