Construction Quality & the Cost of Rework: The Subcontractor Quality Plan – A Design and Roadmap

Discover the key elements and benefits of a Subcontractor Quality Plan in construction projects. Learn how it enhances project success, ensures accountability, and addresses constructability issues.

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Optimizing Construction Success with Subcontractor Quality Plans

In construction projects, the pivotal role of subcontractors in maintaining high-quality standards and seamless coordination with other teams is undeniable. Establishing a comprehensive Subcontractor Quality Plan tailored to the unique demands of each project is the cornerstone of achieving these standards. This plan not only covers the entire scope of work but also adapts to the dynamic requirements of the project, ensuring a systematic approach to quality.

During our session, we will delve into the critical aspects that constitute an effective Subcontractor Quality Plan. We aim to highlight its significance in enhancing overall project efficiency and providing clear guidance to project managers and tradespeople.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Quality Plan: Grasp the concept of a quality plan, and its role in setting clear expectations and accountability for subcontractors and the broader construction team.
  2. Components of a Quality Plan: Gain insights into the essential elements that should be included in a Subcontractor Quality Plan and the rationale behind each.
  3. Preventing Constructability Issues: Learn strategies to address potential constructability and compatibility challenges through a job-specific Quality Plan, even before construction commences.
  4. Applying the Quality Plan: Discover how to effectively implement the Subcontractor Quality Plan to enhance management of subcontractors and meet project expectations efficiently.

Join us to explore the intricacies of Subcontractor Quality Plans and their impact on the success of your construction projects.

About the Instructors

Corey Zussman
Corey Zussman, Director of Quality, Illinois and Wisconsin (Pepper Construction Company)


As a forensic architect registered in several states, Corey Zussman has practiced in the construction industry for more than 30 years. He specializes in building envelope, restoration, preservation, life safety, and interior finishes. While working on an average of 50-75 projects a year, Corey conducts constructability reviews, pre-installation meetings, comprehensive envelope meetings, and construction observations. He has also become known for providing educational opportunities throughout the industry and has produced more than 150 “lessons learned” papers. Topics include building envelope and life safety concerns and enable Corey to proactively address issues during design review, pre-construction, and construction. In addition, he has over 10 industry articles about building envelope and life safety topics and is also a frequent presenter at local and national conferences and Associations. Visit www.pepperquality.com homepage to access all of Corey’s lessons learned papers and a list of over 45 AIA CES Presentations.

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