Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG): Overview

People who handle, offer for transport, or transport (i.e. handle, ship, carry or receive) dangerous goods must be adequately trained and hold a TDG Certificate of Training for their work.

This Transportation of Dangerous Goods-TDG online training course will provide a detailed description of all aspects of the TDG system for managers and everyone with TDG responsibilities. This course consists of eight courses that provide detailed descriptions of all aspects of the TDG system for the transportation of dangerous goods by road. This course will help employers, owners, managers, supervisors, TDG coordinators, and those who have responsibilities for determining the training requirements for employees who will be handling dangerous goods, meet their responsibilities to ensure that all work involving dangerous goods is done properly according to the requirements of the TDG Act and Regulations.

A record of completion is provided by CCOHS upon successful completion of the final exam. A formal TDG Certificate of Training is issued by the employer when they determine their employee has a sound knowledge of all the topics and has received workplace specific training that directly relates to their duties with dangerous goods. The course was developed by CCOHS.

Virtual Training

This Course is OnDemand

This course will be hosted at  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ Use your AGC/Atlas Login credentials in order to access your training courses. If you do not have AGC/Atlas Login credentials, please create an account in  https://lms.on-demand.academy/ using the same email address you used when purchasing the course to access the content.

It may take up to 45 minutes for your course to be ready and enrolled.

Contact training@agc-ca.org if you have questions or require assistance.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Transportation of Dangerous Goods course, the user will learn to:

  • Understand the requirements of the TDG system for employers, consignors, carriers and consignees
  • Assess the requirements for training and certification of employees with TDG duties
  • Understand Transport Canada’s inspector role and what your rights are
  • Establish effective procedures for the classification and documentation of dangerous goods
  • Know when shipments are either exempt or partially exempt from the TDG system
  • Select the appropriate means of containment
  • Ensure that the correct safety marks are applied on the means of containment
  • Develop systems for appropriate emergency planning and response
  • Know when special reports are required

Course Outline

This online Transportation of Dangerous Goods course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Training, Inspection and Compliance
  2. Classification of Dangerous Goods
  3. Documentation of Dangerous Goods
  4. Safety Marks
  5. Means of Containment
  6. Emergency Response
  7. Special Cases for Road Transport

Course Audience

This Transportation of Dangerous Goods online training course was designed for managers and supervisors with TDG responsibilities, and TDG coordinators.

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