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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion|August 19, 2020

AGC of California Launches Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Today, the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) announced the launch of its new Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, a group of industry experts dedicated to advancing AGC’s commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion across California’s construction industry. ​
We believe that having the voices of all Californians at the table is vital to the success of building a more resilient state. Each day, we strive to strengthen our industry through diversity and inclusion efforts – like the launch of this Diversity & Inclusion Task Force – on jobsites, in offices, and throughout our communities,” said Peter Tateishi, CEO, AGC. “We are grateful to the AGC members giving their time, talent and expertise to the Task Force so that we can make real, lasting impacts in this area of industry.”
Earlier this year, AGC’s Board of Directors engaged in focused dialogue about opportunities to provide guidance and resources to AGC member companies on how to address issues of diversity and inclusion across their businesses and the construction industry at large. It became clear that members are seeking guidance on what is needed to make a true impact in this area. As a result, the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force was established under AGC’s Construction Education Foundation, a 501(c)3, to help advance AGC’s commitment to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across the industry, membership, and leadership. The Task Force will convene regularly to provide AGC’s State Board and AGC Construction Education Foundation’s Board Leadership actionable input on policies, programs, trainings and best practices respective to workforce, subcontractor, and supplier diversity and inclusion.
After events that transpired in our country over the last few months, we expedited the launch of AGC’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force to summer of 2020 so that we can learn, build and grow stronger as an industry. Through members’ participation in this task force, we can help ensure construction workplaces are welcoming, safe, and inclusive for an increasingly diverse and talented pool of workers,” said Erin Volk, Vice President, Workforce & Community Development, AGC and Executive Director of the AGC Construction Education Foundation. “Their work will positively impact company profitability by improving employee productivity, recruiting and retraining top talent, increasing innovation, and expand market share through diverse partnerships.”

This initiative is important for AGC to take on because it shows top-down support for diversity, equity, and inclusion work across businesses and the industry at large,” said Mike Blach, President, AGC and Chairman of Blach Construction.

“This unified focus on progress toward a more equitable and inclusive industry is long past due and will make a lasting impact that will strengthen the industry.”

In recent years, AGC focused its diversity and inclusion efforts through workforce development programs, specifically those that worked to attract and develop the next generation of construction professionals. AGC’s program, Build California, ensures construction career information reaches marginalized communities to attract a diverse talent pool while also providing economic advancement opportunities to communities the industry has not effectively reached in the past.

Members of the Task Force, listed below, will help shape the future of the industry with their commitment to diversity and inclusion:

  1. Sean Anderson, President & CEO, Stoer Construction
  2. Elena Anaya, Community & Citizenship Senior Director, Northern CA, Turner Construction
  3. Dr. Giovanna Brasfield, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Flatiron Construction/LINX
  4. Sharon Coleman, President, Coleman Construction & Coleman Equipment Rental
  5. Amanda Corbet, Director of Community Outreach & Inclusion, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
  6. Talin Espinoza, Chief Strategy Officer, Twining
  7. Valerie Jackson, Sr. Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity, Procore Technologies
  8. Chris Jones, Director of Safety, ACCO Engineered Systems
  9. Lilian Magallanes, Program Manager, Community Development, Bluebeam, Inc.
  10. Kayla Montgomery, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, PCL Construction
  11. Henry Nutt III, Preconstruction Executive, Southland Industries
  12. Marie Patterson, Faculty, Chico State Construction Management Dept. (Advisor to Chico State Women In Construction)
  13. Miquel “Mick” Penn, Northern California Regional Community Relations Liaison, Swinerton
  14. Ron Roberts, Recruiting & Public Relations Specialist, Griffith Company
  15. Becka Schumacher, Director of Human Resources, Teichert Construction

About Associated General Contractors of California
Founded in 1920, the Associated General Contractors of California has been the premier organization of choice by experienced and next generation construction and contracting professionals. Through dedicated advocacy, education, career development and networking opportunities, AGC members receive top-tier access with state and local governments, while connecting with industry leaders through innovative programs and events. Visit agcofcabeta.wpengine.com for more information.

About the Associated General Contractors of California Construction Education Foundation
The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) Construction Education foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit benefit corporation dedicated to inspiring, developing, and equipping California’s current and future construction workforce. Through innovative workforce development programs funded by donations, the foundation provides AGC members access to resources, support and training needed to attract, develop and retain California’s construction workforce.

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