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Blog|September 2, 2020

Something to Look Forward to

Abbigail Brown shares her thoughts as a contributing author on the impact the award made on her career

Abbigail Brown, owner and president of CPM Logistics, member of AGC’s Small Business Council member, member of the AGC Construction Education Foundation Board of Directors, and recipient of AGC’s 2019 Associated Achievement Awards, shares her thoughts as a contributing author on the impact the award made on her career and why others should consider submitting nominations in 2020. Learn more about AGC’s Awards Programs here.

During these unprecedented times, most of us are working toward remaining productive and keeping our spirits up while not being able to see our friends and co-workers. Focusing on something positive and inspiring helps to keep us moving forward. That’s why I want to share something I’m looking forward to – AGC of California’s 2020 Achievement Awards!
I won the 2019 Associate Achievement Award, and it was an incredible honor for me. I had no idea that I had even been nominated for the award!

I am not a person that is comfortable with self-grandeur or singing my own praises – winning and receiving this award was outside of my comfort zone. However, the experience was incredible. At the Installation & Awards Gala, the amount of goodwill I received from AGC and industry members was amazing. Having Rachel Falsetti, a friend of mine, introduce me was especially meaningful.

This recognition as an industry leader helped to shed a spotlight on my company’s efforts to bridge the gap between prime and small contractors on large projects. Our goal at CPM Logistics is to work towards positive, lasting, and systemic change in the industry. Any publicity that we can get to further these goals helps us to generate real change, as well as support our collective mission for the contractors.

I have so many friends in this industry and all of you deserve recognition. Since I can’t nominate each of you, I encourage you to check out the awards and consider nominating yourselves! Give us all something to look forward to in 2021. Learn more.

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