Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Program Volunteer Month: Bridging the Gap Together

This April, AGC of California, powered by our Emerging Leaders and AGC Student Chapters, invites you to unite in service, embodying our theme "Bridging the Gap." In a world rich with diverse backgrounds and experiences, the power of volunteerism shines as a unifying force.

April 1, 2024 (Mon) to
April 30, 2024 (Tue)

Your favorite charity or ours!

Our initiative aims to harness this diversity, encouraging members across the state to participate in organized volunteer opportunities or engage in individual acts of service. Embrace this chance to contribute to social and economic empowerment and make a lasting environmental impact.

Participate, Share, Inspire: Engage with us using #AGCVolunteerVibes, #AGCAprilAltruism, and #AGCBuildingBetterTogether to showcase your journey of giving back. Your actions serve as a bridge, connecting diverse communities and paving the way for a united, empowered future.

Opportunities across the state are coming soon! Subscribe today!

Questions? Email training@agc-ca.org.

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