Blog|February 1, 2022

Adopting a Lean Construction Mindset

We’ve adopted Lean Construction, why doesn’t it always result in the cost savings we expect?

In truth, Lean Construction is not a thing you implement and check the box – it’s a mindset created by a shared commitment to follow intentional processes and ideology. Cultivate and maintain your company’s mindset by keeping your employees, subs, and suppliers immersed in Lean Construction through the AGC’s educational tools.

AGC’s Virtual Lean Construction Education Program

Earn your Certificate of Management in Lean Construction by completing AGC’s Virtual Lean Construction Education Program! Beginning March 29 and running through May 19, join the AGC of America on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon PT on Zoom. AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program is a series of courses that progressively cover a range of topics essential to Lean Construction, including:

  • Variation and pull in production
  • Lean Workstructuring, supply chains, and assembly
  • Production management
  • Management by values
  • Problem-solving principles and tools

Lean Construction Blitz Series

The seven-part Lean Construction Blitz training series begins on February 17 and runs through August 18. The virtual workshops are hosted on the third Thursday of each month at noon PT. Join us over lunch from your tuck, jobsite, or office.

Full Schedule

AGC of America recognizes Lean Construction Blitz as qualifying for continuing education hours towards the renewal of AGC’s Certificate of Management-Lean Construction (CM-Lean). Each hour of educational content is equal to 1 hour of CE credit. Attendees may earn up to 7.0 hours of CE credit by attending the entire seven-part virtual series.

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